The Integriti Security Controller (ISC) is a state of the art IP based security system controller with powerful embedded processors and extensive on-board memory capacity. The ISC controller runs on its own proprietary operating system delivering blistering hi-speed performance.
The modular nature of the controller and the Integriti system provides intrusion, access control and integrated solutions to suite a wide range of specifications, from small retail stores to large university campuses, hi-rise commercial buildings and entire global enterprises.
Integriti’s multi-controller architecture allows any number of ISC’s to be combined within the Integriti software package to form a globally managed small, medium or enterprise sized system, where the entire network of controllers is managed as a whole. This architecture allows for an infinite number of Readers, Doors, Areas, Zone Inputs and Outputs.
The ISC is equipped with 16 Zone Inputs, 2 Auxiliary Relay Outputs, Power Supply, IP Ethernet Port, modem and internal & external siren outputs, and can be used both stand alone or expanded further via its UniBus and RS-485 Sub-LAN ports.
The flexible, modular design of the ISC’s system parameters and Sub-Lan architecture allows a single standalone controller to be expanded to form a network of RS-485 expansion modules of up to 100,000 Users, 3,000 Zone Inputs, over 3,000 thousand Outputs, 250 Areas/Zone Partitions and over 1000 card readers and 240 Doors.
The ISC also offers a UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface where a variety of UniBus I/O and communications devices can be connected directly to the controller and housed within the same tamper protected enclosure.


  • Product Code: 21002
  • IP based Multi-Controller system architecture options
    32 bit ARM CPU
  • Ultra high speed proprietry operating system
  • Ethernet on-board for:
    – Connectivity to Integriti Software
    – SkyTunnel® Cloud Services
    – Integriti Mobile Smart Phone connectivity
    – Automation Interface
    – BMS / HVAC Integration
    – EMS / Lift Access Control Integration
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 2GB Micro SD on-board
  • Smart Card licensing system
  • USB Master & Slave ports
  • UniBus Peripheral Interface
  • Remote connectivity via Web based Mobile Application
  • Intelligent Power Control via Smart Fuses
  • RS485 multi-drop Sub LAN (Up to 1.5 Kilometers)
  • Backwardly compatible with most Concept LAN modules**
  • Upgrade firmware in Controllers and new LAN modules via
  • USB or remotely over the wire
  • New easy “Plug & Play” in-cabinet UniBus for adding expansion and functionality
  • Amazing, powerful Scripted Logic capability
  • 16 Zone inputs on-board (expandable to 32)
  • 2 Auxiliary outputs (relays – expandable to 32)
  • Built in highly efficient low voltage power supply
  • PSTN telephone dialler on-board
  • Dedicated Port for Multipath-IP communications device
  • Internal & External siren drivers on-board
  • Dedicated watchdog output
  • **Concept Intelligent 2 and 4 Door Access Modules can be used in Integriti compatibility mode with a firmware update. Compatibility mode has limited offline functionality
Integriti Security Controller by InnerRange, Large Cabinet

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