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Home CCTV packages

Tiger Security is pleased to offer two CCTV packages designed for home or small business use.

We’ve chosen the best and affordable CCTV models available.

To take advantage of these packages, customers must agree to sign a three year alarm monitoring contract, for cellular alarm monitoring of your existing home or building alarm with Tiger Security Alarm Monitoring (TSAM).

You can choose to pay for the CCTV system in full at completion of the installation, or in installments over a three year period added to the monthly TSAM charge.

Prices include GST, and also include all hardware, installation, programming and training time (about 1.5 to 2 days total labour).

 Package IPackage II
Max. # of cameras48
# of cameras supplied22
Camera typeMini bulletDome
Vandal proofNoYes
Phone AppYesYes
Infra-RedUp to 15 metresUp to 30 metres
Network capableYesYes
Installation includedYesYes
Training includedYesYes
Warranty3 years3 years
Cash price$2,145.00$2,723.00
Monthly monitoring only$23.50$23.50
Monthly cameras + monitoring*$73.95$86.14
Additional camera**$148.00$369.00


* The combined monthly fee includes the monthly alarm monitoring fee of $23.50 and the monthly payment for the CCTV hardware, installation, programming and training.

** Additional camera cost, per camera. A maximum of 4 (Dahua), or 8 (Vivotek) can be added to the system.

CCTV packages – FAQ

1. Are the camera systems wireless?

No. The systems are wired, to guarantee the best quality and endurance. It normally takes about a days’ labour to cable and setup a two-camera system.

2. Do you offer installation nation-wide?

Our packages are currently only available to customers in the Auckland region.