The Bosch Solution 6000 has the flexibility to be a home alarm system, or a sophisticated access control and alarm system for businesses. The Solution 6000 exhibits the hallmarks typically associated with anything made by Bosch – quality manufacture and reliable operation.

The Solution 6000 alarm system offers an extensive feature listing, including numerous wire free options, high speed Windows programming software and the simplest user-installer interface on the market today.

Simple operation

The standard Bosch keypad features a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that incorporates a text-driven menu system. Colour-coded, illuminated keys make it easy to operate day or night. Red and green indicators provide easy identification of armed and disarmed modes, and the built-in sounder provides audible feedback when operating the system.

Stainless steel weatherproof keypads are also available.

Easy remote arming

The Solution 6000 can be programmed to use a wireless remote that fits easily into your keyring. These small remotes allow you to arm and disarm the alarm with the press of one button. The wireless remote can also be used to set the system in STAY mode, act as a portable panic button, and can even be used to switch lights and open gates and doors.


The Solution 6000 can be programmed to manage 144 zones, which can be divided into 8 separately controlled areas. The zones can support sensors fitted to doors and windows, motion sensors, and smoke detectors. When events are detected, the Solution 6000 can sound sirens, transmit events to your alarm monitoring service provider and activate lights, providing security you can rely on 24 hours a day.

The Solution 6000 can store up to 1000 events, such as arm/disarm functions and door access report for each user, which can be viewed from the keypad by the master user. This way you can monitor the movements of your children, or workforce, daily if required.

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