iCentral is an Australian designer and manufacturer of wireless security products. It is a division of NESS Corporation. In addition to security products, their range also includes centralised home vacuum and music systems.

Tiger Security is fortunate to be able to offer a range of wireless intercoms suitable for the home, small office, or group of apartments. These intercoms use DECT technology and are manufactured in accordance with the exceptional standards the industry has come to expect from NESS Corporation.

DECT technology (which stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a European industry standard that applies to wireless telephones. The DECT standard has been adopted in New Zealand, Australia, and most parts of Asia. The vast majority of home cordless telephones use DECT technology, primarily because of ease of use and set-up, together with enhanced security from hacking, are among its many advantages.

iCentral have applied the DECT standard to produce a range of robust wireless intercom systems. Contact us for all enquiries regarding iCentral.