TO: All clients, customers and potential customers

Today the Prime Minister declared New Zealand’s COVID-19 alert level has been raised to 3 with immediate effect, and will be at the maximum 4 in 48 hours.

I have instructed our employees and contractors working on site at all ‘Non-Essential’ projects to cease work as of 4pm today and to remain at home until the alert level is reduced by the government. This will allow them time to organise their domestic and household affairs before level 4 takes effect.

Tiger Security will continue to work on projects classified by the government as ‘Essential Services’ which are currently underway, or those earmarked to commence during the four week isolation period.

Our office and sales staff will continue to work from home and will be contactable as usual during business hours.

Our alarm monitoring and after hours telephone service will continue to operate normally.

Alarm servicing scheduled during the isolation period is a ‘Non-Essential’ service and will be postponed to a later date once the time-frame for lifting restrictions is known.

If your alarm, access control or intercom system develops a fault during the isolation period, please contact us by telephone or email for information on whether one of our technicians can assist.

I wish you and your families all the best in the coming weeks. Stay safe everyone.

Managing Director