The government has announced a Level 4 nationwide lockdown commencing midnight 18 August 2021.

The lockdown will be in place for three days across the country, and seven days in respect of Auckland and The Coromandel.

During Level 4 our ‘normal’ security work and installations, whether on existing buildings or new construction sites are suspended. Routine alarm servicing is also cancelled during the lockdown.In some instances, however, security work can be deemed an ‘essential service’. This would include situations where alarms in commercial or government premises have developed a serious fault, leaving the premises unprotected.

In these situations we are permitted to send a security technician to fix the fault and ensure the alarm works properly.

For residential alarms which have developed a fault the situation is different, because homes are more likely to be occupied 24/7 during Level 4 and security disarmed. An exception would be where the alarm has developed a fault where the siren cannot be turned off and is causing a disturbance in the neighbourhood.

Our main telephone number (09) 972 1890 remains operational 24/7, and you can expect a speedy response to any security related query during Level 4 via our online contact form.