Tiger Security recently completed a high-end residential installation of a Dahua wireless IP intercom.

The customer wanted a gate video intercom with gate lock, connected to two internal  video intercom monitor stations. An outdoor keypad was also required to provide PIN access through the gate.

The aim of the solution was to ensure the gate was locked at all times, with access via PIN entry on the keypad, or by permission granted by the occupier, having first identified the visitor through the video intercom.

Dahua outdoor wireless access point

The customer’s preference was for a wireless set-up, to minimise the visual impact or intrusiveness of the system on the home’s appearance. This required the installation of a Dahua outdoor WAP (Wireless Access Point – pictured on left) which enabled the intercom to be run wirelessly off the customer’s home WIFI connection.

Without the need to run additional cables, the customer can now see who is at the gate, and allow them to enter by releasing the gate lock at the push of a button, from the comfort and safety of their home.