A smoke or fire alarm can be the difference between life and death, in the event a fire breaks out on your property. There are many benefits in having a hard-wired smoke detector system installed in your home.

A hard-wired smoke detector system comprises one or more smoke detectors connected to an alarm control panel. The connection is made through security cable, or via wireless technology. Most alarm control panels are capable of having smoke detectors wired to them, and receiving signals from them.

An increasing number of rental properties are being required to have hard-wired smoke alarms in place. Sometimes, local bodies specifically require such systems to be installed, as a condition of consents or building compliance.

The benefits of having a hard-wired smoke detector system are:

  • The smoke detectors can be digitally monitored 24/7 remotely, whether you are home or not, providing additional peace of mind and response to an alarm;
  • You do not have to regularly replace the battery. The system is powered through mains electricity, with a backup battery in case of mains failure;
  • Hard-wired systems are typically more robust and efficient at doing their job as opposed to ‘over-the-counter’ consumer smoke alarms;
  • Hard-wired systems can be serviced by professionals, such as Tiger Security, each year, to ensure they are in good working order.
  • If you have an existing home burglar alarm system, it is a relatively straight-forward process for us to add smoke detectors to it, which may include additional cabling and programming of your alarm. We can also install a new system.

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