ICT’s Protege platforms integrate directly with the Allegion AD series of locks to provide a cost effective and scalable access control solution to meet your security needs – even where wiring won’t reach.

Integration is available in both hardwired (AD-300) and wireless (AD-400) configurations to suit your requirements. The locks feature a built-in credential reader and door control sensors for simplified installation, while the online controller level integration allows the locks to communicate with the Protege system in real time – giving you real time access control and event monitoring without the need for complex (and costly) wiring.

Key benefits of the ICT Protege and Allegion integration:

  • Simplifies installation by combining the electrified lock, door sensors, and reader into one device
  • Wireless option extends the reach of access control to areas where running wires is difficult or expensive
  • Compatible with 125kHz proximity or 13.56MHz MIFARE/DESFire credentials, and PIN with keypad option
  • Secure wireless communication with AES 128bits encryption
  • Real time access control
  • Live audit trail and battery status monitoring from within the Protege system

For more information, contact Tiger Security.