In 2017, MS Queensland, Youngcare, and the Queensland Government joined forces to develop the Albany Creek apartments—a $5.5 million complex purpose-built to accommodate young people with mid to high care needs.

The state of the art apartments were designed using the latest innovative technologies. Lighting, automated doors, entertainment systems, beds, and blinds can all be controlled with the touch of a fingertip, allowing residents to live with more freedom and independence.

Conventional access control systems require users to present a credential at a card reader. While the days of the magnetic swipe card may be over, contactless RFID technology still has the inconvenience factor of a short read range which can be a hassle when your hands are full and your credential is in your wallet or pocket. For those living with a disability, this becomes more problematic, even more so for those that are confined to a wheelchair.

Due to the difficulties in presenting a standard access control card, the Albany Creek apartments utilize Nedap long range uPASS Access readers in conjunction with ICT ProtegeWX to provide the residents with safe and secure access while offering the convenience of hands free door control. Everything has been automated so that when a resident wheels their chair up to a door, it opens for them automatically.

The uPASS Access readers are small enough to fit on doorposts and can read access credentials at a distance of up to 2 meters (6 feet). This makes them ideal for wheelchair users, but they are also well suited for anywhere that hands free building access is required, including hospitals and lab clean-rooms, warehouses, and high-volume entrances in office buildings and at universities.

The uPASS solution demonstrates the flexibility of the ProtegeWX system. Tiger Security has a team of highly skilled ProtegeWX technicians and project managers capable of installing similar solutions in New Zealand. Contact us today to discuss your ProtegeWX requirements.