Tiger Security is an authorised installer and service provider for Uniview CCTV products in New Zealand.

Uniview has complete IP and video surveillance products including IP CCTV security cameras, NVRs, Encoders, Decoders, Storage, IP SAN, switches and monitors.

Uniview products are well suited for a diverse range of applications, including retail, construction, heavy industry, education and the public sector.

Here’s some of the features available for Uniview network CCTV security surveillance cameras:

  • Ultra 265: a Uniview developed deep compression technology, which can save up to 75% on network resources.
  • U-code: enhanced coding technology based on H.264/H.265. U-code can reduce storage requirements by between 80-95%.
  • 4K: the Uniview 4K series includes Infra-Red (IR) dome cameras, IR bullet, PTZ dome and box cameras.
  • Smart: Various smart functions are available in the H.265 IP camera series, including face detection, intrusion, line-crossing, people counting, de-focus detection and scene change detection.
  • eMMC: Used to balance proof performance and edge storage requirements.
  • 44x: 44 times zoom cameras, which can recognise licence plates or faces within 300m.
  • 120dB WDR: WDR ensures superior image quality when the camera is exposed to sharp lighting contrast. It prevents dark or over-exposed images. All Uniview CCTV cameras support 120dB WDR.
  • Fisheye: The Fisheye series includes high-end 8MP cameras, or entry level 4MP cameras.
  • Optical Defog: This technology applies Infra-red (IR) for imaging, allowing all details in foggy weather to be recognised.
  • Starlight: Provides crisp colour images under low light conditions up to 0.0005 Lux (F1.2).
  • IP67: This standard confirms the products are dust-proof and will continue to function under 1 metre of water for 1 hour.
  • 1+1 Share Mode: Uniview cameras with optical interface can connect to another camera via the Ethernet port. This allows two cameras to share data transmission on one optical cable, saving wiring and cabling costs.
  • PIR Capability: PIR technology detects moving objects, triggering a white light and exposing intruders.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Uniview cameras can function well between -40C to 70C.
  • Surge Protection: Each camera has surge protection to 6 KV built-in.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Uniview cameras can tolerate ±25% voltage fluctuation, allowing better stability of operation under voltage fluctuation conditions.
  • Power Backup: PoE function can backup for AC or DC, improving stability of camera performance.

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