Parallel importing has revolutionised consumer behaviour in New Zealand, because it has given greater choice, and fairer prices. While this may be beneficial in regards to the latest consumer gadget, such as a smartphone or tablet, the same cannot be said for CCTV systems.

There is a huge range of types of CCTV systems in the market, from simple plug-and-play USB cameras costing little more than $50, to enterprise-standard cameras, which can cost in excess of $1000 each.

When purchasing high-end CCTV cameras, such as those made by Hikvision, Dahua, Avigilon, FLIR and other brands we install, we strongly advise that you steer well-clear of parallel imported products. A proper CCTV system is not a consumer fad; it is a relatively sophisticated technology setup encompassing audio visual, data storage, network hardware and cabling, software and mobile apps, designed to last and operate for many years, and which should be installed by a trained professional.

What you need to know about parallel imported CCTV cameras, including NVRs and DVRs:

  • Parallel imported CCTV cameras will not be supported in New Zealand. If the camera breaks down or fails (which is not uncommon), it will not be replaced or repaired under warranty obligations.
  • If you need to add or replace a camera (or any other component of the system, such as the NVR or DVR), there is a likelihood genuine cameras in New Zealand of the same brand will not be compatible with the parallel imported ones, meaning the whole system will need to be replaced in order to get your CCTV system up and running again.
  • Many brands employ a geographic lock on their systems, which means the parallel imported ones will simply not work, partly, or entirely, in New Zealand.
  • The firmware, which is the software required to run the system, also differs from region to region. Installation of the wrong firmware will result in a loss of data and settings, and may also result in the entire system failing.

Unfortunately, we’re aware of too many horror stories of people and businesses buying cheap parallel imported CCTVs from retailers based both in New Zealand or overseas. The problems we refer to above mean they end up spending double the money they should have paid, because of the lack of support and compatibility. We know of customers who have had to replace their entire CCTV system at a cost of thousands of dollars, because they purchased parallel imported hardware.

The only way to ensure your CCTV security system is going to work according to specification, and will be supported by warranty and updates, is by purchasing and installing it through an authorised New Zealand security company, such as Tiger Security. We also offer free lifetime telephone support to our customers, 24/7.