Beware of ‘power tapping’, a practice engaged in by some alarm installation companies, which could potentially have catastrophic consequences for consumers.

Power tapping happens when an alarm technician draws power for an alarm system from an unrelated electrical source, normally a pre-existing electrical wire. Taking power from this source avoids the need (and cost) for a registered electrician to hardwire the alarm control panel with a dedicated lead, or install a new AC power outlet.

Power tapping is illegal, because it is a breach of the electrical regulations, and it is also hazardous. We do not engage in power tapping for these reasons. Unfortunately, in order to cut corners, some alarm companies do.

Recently, one of technicians came across a keypad which had been ‘power tapped’. He had discovered the connection had been removed by an electrician, and rightly so. However, the customer was unaware of the situation, but thankful in the end that the electrician and our technician had alerted him to the problem and rectified it.

If you suspect the power source of your alarm has been tapped, contact us for a free inspection.