Helensville Primary School was having ongoing issues with the existing Inner Range Concept security alarm system and also with the technical interface with the monitoring service provider.

Tiger Security Limited was not the school’s incumbent security system service agent. However, based on previous successful projects we had undertaken in schools we were asked to provide a solution.After an in-depth survey we offered Honeywell MaxPro Intrusion and the proposal was accepted.There were many challenges during the installation, some of which were not evident at the time of the survey. Some of these were:

  • A complete block was not on the school’s security plan
  • The monitoring data was inaccurate
  • Some classrooms had devices that were not connected

The great features offered by MaxPro Intrusion meant that a lot of the existing fault conditions were self resolvable. MaxPro Intrusion provides a LAN length of 3.6km and remote modules can be powered over the LAN from the main controller.

Also, MaxPro Intrusion can operate using legacy cabling systems. Given the age of the school and the way schools tend to grow, the LAN between buildings was of variable quality. This meant we needed to install Honeywell Remote Power Supplies at various locations.

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