Tiger Security was awarded the contract for a major upgrade of the Onehunga Primary School security system. The upgrade was rolled out in conjunction with the refurbishment of a number of classrooms which commenced in late 2016.

The school’s old Radionics alarm was replaced with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art ICT Protege WX intruder detection system. The new system has given staff more flexibility and functionality. All sensors and detectors were modernised, while a number of new detection zones and types were created.

This project presented a number of challenges, particularly at the first-fix stage of pre-cabling, mainly due to the layout and geography of the site. The school straddles the Selwyn Street hill in Onehunga, and many of the classrooms were standalone structures. Each of these classrooms required a unique cabling solution, which often required us to ‘think outside the square’.

The new system was commissioned in February 2017.